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Founded in 1999, TriVita, Inc., is a nutraceutical company based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

TriVita's 10 Foundational Values: TriVita's medical board uses the latest health and wellness research to produce formulas that are 1) scientifically validated, 2) developed for better absorption and effect, 3) undergo controlled studies and trials at accredited university medical centers and laboratories to ensure effectiveness, 4) never contain mood altering stimulants or harmful chemicals, 5) adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), 6) are third-party tested to guarantee potency, 7) use two safety seals to guarantee safety, freshness and potency, and more.
Since Amazon Herb Company joined forces with TriVita in 2012,
Amazon John Easterling and the TriVita team have reformulated
or simply rebranded many of the products.

Select from these formulas...

Aqua Algae (replaces Aquazon)
Camu Gold
Fortify (replaces Arcozon)
Glucose Health (replaces Metabazon)
Graviola Plus (replaces Gravizon)
Rainforest Treasure Tea


Recovery (replaces Recovazon)
Rejuvenate (replaces Sumacazon)
Sangre de Drago
Serenity (replaces Calmazon)
Shield (replaces Envirozon)
Una de Gato
Zamu Gold
Zamu Protect

Aqua Algae

(Replaces Aquazon)
60 veg-capsAquazon - AquaAlgae
buy now

Camu Gold

(Now in veg-caps & liquid drops)
60 veg-caps or 1 fluid ounce Camu Goldbuy now


(Replaces Arcozon)
60 veg-caps amazonherb fortifybuy now

Glucose Health

(Replaces Metabazon)
60 veg-caps Metabazonbuy now

Graviola Plus

(Replaces Gravizon)
60 veg-capsamazon herb graviola plusbuy now


60 veg-capsamazonherb illuminationbuy now

Replenishing Moisturizer

50ml / 1.75 fl. oz Amazon Herb Lluvia Rain replenishing moisturizerbuy now
Lluvia Amazon Rain Deep Nourishing Oil
Amazon Herb Lluvia Rain deep nourishing oil
(15ml / 1/2 fl. oz)
Lluvia Refreshing Mist
Amazon Herb Lluvia Rain refreshing mist
(50ml / 1.75 fl. oz)
(90 concentrated liquid veg-caps)

Rainforest Treasure Tea

30 tea bagsRainforest Treasure Teabuy now


(Replaces Recovazon)
60 veg-capsAmazon Herb Recoverybuy now


(Replaces Sumacazon)
60 veg-caps Sumacazon - Rejuvenatebuy now

Sangre de Drago

60 veg-capsSangre de Dragobuy now


(Replaces Calmazon)
60 veg-capscalmazon - serenitybuy now


(Replaces Envirozon)
60 veg-capsEnvirozon - Shieldbuy now

Una de Gato

60 veg-capsUna de Gatobuy now


60 veg-capsWarriorbuy now
Zamu juice   Zamu juice
(25.35 fluid ounces)

Zamu Gold juice

(Single bottle or discounted 4-pack)
32 fluid ouncesZamu Goldbuy now

Zamu Protect

60 gel-capsZamu Protectbuy now

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